Welcome to the Vixen archives - here you will find information on previous line-ups of Vixen.  This page is under construction, more to follow.
In 2004 the EMI era line-up got back together for VH1's Bands Reunited program.  Jan, Share, Roxy and Janet were 'ambushed' and asked if they would participate in a reunion.  After some persuading they all agreed to do so and met up for the first time in many years.  Following brief rehearsals, they performed a special one-off show on August 3rd at SIR Studios in Hollywood.  The program was initially aired on VH1 in the US on November 9th.  See below for images from the show (courtesy of neilsvixenpage.com).

The line-up of Vixen for the release of their first 2 albums, Vixen and Rev It Up, was as follows :

Jan Kuehnemund - Guitar
Janet Gardner - Vocals
Roxy Petrucci - Drums
Share Pedersen - Bass

Vixen in 1984, line-up from "Hardbodies" movie : Tamara Ivanov - Rhythm Guitar, Pia Maiocco - Bass,
Jan Kuehnemund - Lead Guitar, Laurie Hedlund - Drums, Janet Gardner - Vocals

Vixen c. 1982 : this is 3/4 of the original Vixen from Minnesota, along with rhythm guitar player Tamara Ivanov (left), followed by Jan, Laurie Hedlund - Drums & Gayle Erickson - Bass and Vocals

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