Band: Vixen, Girlschool, Dante Fox
Venue: Rios, Bradford, UK
Date: 5 June 2005


Now for Vixen, although the majority of the band are new to us and only Jan Kuehnemund remaining from the original line up that split back in 1991 after only two albums. But the impact the band made then still manages to bring a crowd to Bradford to see them in their present form.

Opening up the set with 'Rev It Up', the band were certainly firing on all cylinders.  This was quickly followed by 'Streets In Paradise'.  Both songs whipping the crowd into frenzy. The new track 'Live And Learn' was next and was impressive and shows that depth of the band not live on past glories and to put together a new album. But it was the hits the crowd had come to here and they got them with 'Not A Minute Too Soon', 'Love Is A Killer', 'Cryin'' and 'Edge Of A Broken Heart' and these were mixed well with tracks off the impending new album.

To finish the night the encore was headed by 'Bad Reputation' and a storming version of Bowies 'Suffragette City', which ended a barnstormer of a gig.

Review from The Mayfair Mall Zine

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