Another exciting moment was when 80'ies metal band VIXEN took the stage. Playing very melodic and catchy metal, yet maybe too soft for the toughest metal fans, it was interesting to see how the new line-up worked, when guitarist Jan Kuehnemund was the only original member left. The band had a good showtime on Sweden Stage, gathering both old fans and people who weren't at all familiar with their music, but their show won some new fans over. There were times when I thought their music was too mellow for me, but for the past ten years it's started working again. And it was a breathtaking trip down the memory lane for sure, having seen and met the band in Finland twice between the late 80ies and early 90ies, when their shows were rocking as hard rock should with full make up, hair spray and leather pants. The girls, even the new additions, were wearing quite a heavy make up here also, as you can see from the photos taken from the signing session. So Vixen still looks quite pretty and keeps their 80'ies image. Singer Jenna Sanz-Agero fitted well for the older songs, even though I still missed the touch of Janet Gardner, having gotten used to the songs with her on vocals. The other newer members Kat Kraft (drums) and Lynn Louise Lowery (bass) did a fine job as well. Even though an all girl band, there was still a man named Chris Fayz playing keys and the guitar behind the keys in the dark. In the midst of the show they got the crowd singing Queen's "We Will Rock You", where they continued on where they left with "I Want You To Rock Me".

Setlist: Rev It Up, Streets In Paradise, Live And Learn, How Much Love, Love Made Me, Anyway, Love Is A Killer, Pacifist, Little Voice, Not A Minute Too Soon, A Little Angry, Cryin', I Want You To Rock Me, Love Song, Cruisin', You Wish, Edge Of A Broken Heart, encore: Bad Reputation, Suffragette City (David Bowie)

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