pic from After a perfect summer day it was getting cooler as the night came down. Vixen was the first band I was really anxious to see. Even though the only original member is guitarist Jan Kuehnemund I was looking forward to hear the old classics.

The revamped Vixen had attracted every glam rocker on the festival and 2 minutes before showtime you could see people running toward the stage - probably late because they had to put on make up (not kidding). The atmosphere of the late 80's was underlined by first song - the title track off Vixen second album, the brilliant Rev It Up.

Second song was Streets in Paradise and what I didn't know was that the "new" Vixen currently were recording new material in L.A.. Lead singer Jenna said that they would try out some new tracks, but there was no need to worry, since they also would play all the songs we knew and love. Vixen played a new track called Live And Learn, which blended in great with the other songs.

Even if you weren't too fond of the new track everyone forgave Vixen since the hit single How Much Love followed directly after. The amazing ballad Love Is A Killer stood out and singer Jenna really proved she had the goods. Since her voice was so powerful I would compare her to Heart's Ann Wilson.
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Of course the older songs sounded slightly different, but overall I think Vixen did a great job. Cryin' really got everybody on their feet and Cryin' was quickly followed by another rocker from the first album I Want You To Rock Me.

Of course Vixen played Edge Of A Broken Heart and I dreamt myself back to the late 80's. Jan Kuehnemund still looked pretty good also :)

Vixen dedicated Bad Reputation to Vince Neil and the rest of Mötley Crüe before they ended the show with David Bowie's Suffragette City.
Vixen in the year 2005 was a pleasant experience even though they lost some of the charisma since it was a new band. All of the 7 new songs blended in great with songs from their two major label albums. The setlist was a great mixture of old and new. After this show I look forward to the new album coming out.

Review of Sweden Rock Fest show
from RevelationZ Magazine

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