Hairball Review: Vixen - Live And Learn (Demos)

It has been almost a decade and a half since the end of the eighties and one of the interesting things to watch has been how bands that began in that era have matured over time. Some have matured with a sense of desperation trying to stay up with the times and have lost many of their fans during the process, while the more successful bands have naturally matured on the same path as many of their fans, hence maintaining that fan base.

With the upcoming release of "Live And Learn", Vixen has matured musically in a way that will go over very well with their classic fans. While maintaining the vintage Vixen sound, "Live And Learn" also has modern elements of a darker/heavier Vixen that come off as a natural progression for the band and not intentionally contrived to fit into 2006. "Live And Learn" is a release that will please the classic Vixen fans as well as garner them a whole new generation of listeners.

Review from Hairball John Radio Show

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