Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland 14 December 2006 

The Vixen of today may only contain one member of the line-up that released the bands' two major albums ("Vixen", 1988 and "Rev It Up", 1990), but they seemed to receive a warm welcome. Orginal guitarist Jan Kuehnemund has been keeping the band's name alive for the last few years, with later additions Jenna Sanz-Agero (vocals), Kat Kraft (drums) and Lynn Louise Lowrey (Bass) helping out. It's a bit funny that during the late nineties, Vixen released one album ("Tangerine") and toured with NO members of the current line-up... Anyway, Kuehnemund did form the band originally, so she is entitled to the Vixen monicker. And no, they didn't play anything from "Tangerine"! That might have been too weird.

The Vixen set was well put together, with emphasis on their biggest hits and a couple of tracks from their new album "Live And Learn" thrown in. Classic stuff like "Love Made Me", "Hard 16", "Cryin", "Love Is A Killer" and "Edge Of A Broken Heart" were warmly received, and the new tracks in between didn't sound too bad either. They even managed to get the crowd to sing along to "I Want You To Rock Me", which was spiced up with a bit of "We Will Rock You".

Vocalist Jenna Sanz-Agero proved to be a worthy replacement to Janet Gardner, with warm and a bit less high-pitched voice. Drummer Kat Kraft and guitarist Jan Kuehnemund were good, but the real firecracker of the band was the bass player Lynn Louise Lowrey, who was one lively fox, headbanging all over the stage. The girl was like a little blond tornado at times! Helping out to fill the sound there was Chris Fayz, who played the keyboards and some additional guitar.

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